A typical article citation might look like this:



Find the journal title (in this example it's the Journal of Policy History) and type it into the search box in the Journal List. If OLLU has access to the journal, the journal will appear in the results list with links to where you can access it, and what dates the library has access to.

In this example, we can access articles in the Journal of Policy History through Academic Search Complete in full-text from 2004 to one year ago. Since the article we want is from 2009, we can get it!




Click the link to access the journal through the database. Then you will most likely need to navigate to the article by clicking on the year on the right side index. Since the citation tells us that this article is in volume 21, issue 1, we can click on that link:



You'll be taken to a page with all of the journal articles from that issue. Look for the article you need by title, or by page numbers (the articles will usually be in order according to page number).




Having Trouble?


Double-check that your citation is actually for an article and not a book chapter or a book instead.


  • book chapter will have both a chapter title and a book title:



  • book citation will not have any page numbers listed:



If your citation is for a book or a book chapter, try searching for the book's title in the library's Book Catalog instead.


If the article you need does not have full-text available, you should see a link for Get It 4 Me, where you can submit a request for a copy of the article through interlibrary loan.


If you run into problems at any step during the process, just Ask A Librarian
and we will be happy to help you locate your article!

(citation images courtesy of GMU Libraries)

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