The majority of the library's ebooks are limited by their license to one user at a time, while some allow up to three users at once. For the most part, ebooks cannot be downloaded, but must be read within the browser.


If you try to open an ebook and get the message that the book is "currently in use" that means another user already has the ebook open in their browser and you will have to wait until they close the ebook or their browser to be able to access it. Ebsco ebooks will often let you enter an email address to be notified when the book becomes available, but otherwise you would need to check back periodically to see if it is still in use.


If an ebook seems to be "in use" for a very long time (hours or days) or otherwise seems to have an issue, please contact the library for assistance at 1-800-846-4085 or by emailing

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