If you are looking for a particular database to search for articles you can find it by clicking on the Databases link at the bottom of the One Search box.



Here you'll find the full list of library databases from A-Z which you can sort by subject, type, or publisher. This list includes databases which you can search to find articles, videos, citations, dissertations, primary documents, business info, and more.To get a list of the best databases to search for a particular subject area, sort the list by subject:




To get a list of databases that have a particular type of resource (such as articles or videos) sort the list by type:




To get all of the databases from a particular publisher (such as Ebsco or Credo) sort the list by publisher:




Another way to search for articles or other sources is the One Search search box found on the library homepage. One Search searches all of the libraries' different databases from one place.



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