There are different methods for exporting citations into EasyBib depending on what database you are in. Many databases allow you export your citations directly into EasyBib. In Ebsco databases (see the video tutorial below), for example, you just click on "Export" from the right-hand menu on the article page:



Then, choose the option to "Direct Export to EasyBib":



Other databases may not include an option to export your citations directly to EasyBib. In that case, you can usually choose to export the citations in RIS format, which is the standard format for citation managers:



Then, within EasyBib, you just import the RIS file by choosing the tab for "All Options," and then clicking on "Upload/Database Import" and importing the RIS file you previously saved:



For more tutorials on how to export citations into EasyBib from various database platforms, check out the video tutorials available on our Library Tutorials page.


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