The Kansas State University library has this guide on how to create a running head in Microsoft Word. Their step-by-step instructions are as follows:


1. Begin after you have typed at least the title page and the first few pages of your paper.

2. Click the Insert tab

3. Click the Header button

4. Check "Edit Header"

5. Under the Header & Footer Tools tab, check the "Different First Page" box

6. Click the "Page Number" button

7. Hover over the "Top of Page" entry and click the "Plain Number 3" option

8. Type Running head: TITLE OF YOUR PAPER

9. Click the "Insert Alignment Tab" button

10. Make the following selections in the dialog box that appears: Right, Margin, and None

11. Click OK

12. Scroll down to the header section of the next page and click inside that page's header

13. Repeat steps 6-11, except in step 8 only type TITLE OF YOUR PAPER

14. Close Header and Footer tab.


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