Copies of full text tests and measurements are difficult to obtain. Many popular tests are available only from publishers, sometimes at high prices.


Currently, you best chance of getting a full text instrument will be by:

• Accessing the print books in the OLLU collection that have been identified as having full text instruments

• Finding documents in the ERIC database that have measurements included in the appendix

• Measurements that are included in the Tests in Microfiche collection at the OLLU library

• Finding a copy posted for free on the Internet

• Contacting the author(s) of the instrument and asking for permission to use the test as well as a copy of the test

• Purchasing the test from the publisher


As a result, your first step include identifying the test you want, finding out the author and publisher information and, if necessary, finding contact information for the authors.


You can get more information by visiting the OLLU library Research Starter on finding tests and measures at

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